New proof of compliance rules on the imported goods


New requirements concerning obligatory proof of conformity of the goods imported on customs territory of the Russian Federation come in to force on the 14 of February, 2010. These requirements are directed for simplification of schemes of obligatory proof of conformity by replacing obligatory certification concerning separate kinds of the goods by Declaration of conformity.

Information on production which is subject to obligatory proof of conformity at the moment of import on customs territory of the Russian Federation, and production, which conformity is carried out in the form of acceptance of the Declaration of conformity, with mentioning the codes
ТН ВЭД ТС (product classifier) is published on a website of Federal Agency of Technical Regulations and Metrology (Rostehregulirovanija). This document was prepared by Rostehregulirovanie and the Federal Customs service of Russia in accordance with the close nr.3 of Resolution of the Russian Governmental order dated 01.12.2009


Certificates and Declaration of conformity (further – documents of conformity), received or accepted till February, 14th, 2010 can be represented to customs bodies till document validity date,  irrespective of schemes of obligatory proof of compliance.


According to the law «About technical regulation» (N 184-FZ) applicants at the moment of declaring the conformity should be registered according to the legislation of the Russian Federation in its territory as a legal body or the physical person in capacity of the individual businessman,

●     either being the manufacturer or the seller,

●    or fulfilling the functions of the foreign manufacturer on the contract basis, regarding correspondence of delivered production to requirements of technical regulations or in case of discrepancy taking responsibility of non requiring the technical regulations

The Declaration of conformity is accepted for the term established by the applicant which depends on: either from the term of product output, or from contract validity period, or from production working life, or from the period of validity of the sanitary-and-epidemiological conclusion.

Documents on which basis the applicant (manufacturer, seller or executor) can apply for Declarations of conformity are:

   Production test reports, issued by the competent test laboratories – reports should include characteristics  of production confirming correspondence to requirements, provided for obligatory certification!

   The certificates received in systems of voluntary certification of Russia;

●    The international and foreign certificates of the production;

  The documents provided for specific production corresponding federal laws (the sanitary-and-epidemiological conclusion, veterinary certificates, certificates on the state registration and expert judgments for children's production, etc.);

   Quality system certificates  ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HASP


Declaration of Conformity with all necessary documents can be submitted for registration only to one Certification Body. Confirmation that declarant did not address to any other Certification Body should be mentioned in an application for registration of declaration.

During 7 days Certification Body is obliged to verify the competence of declarant to receive the Declaration of Conformity. By following criterion:

-     Whether declarant is registered as juridical person in the prescribed manner. Certification Body has a right to ask a copy of registration document from the declarant;

-     Whether declarant represents the interests of foreign producer (it is subject to imported goods) and has a letter of attorney from producer;

-     Whether  seller declares the Declaration of Conformity only on single or repeated shipment, or on serial supply (whether seller has an agreement, contract, consignment note and other shipping documentation on present goods);

-     Completeness and accuracy of giving the normative documents;

-     Availability of copies of all documents provided for present goods;

-     Correctness of filling of the declaration.


Based on the results of verification/inspection the Certification Body registers the Declaration of Conformity.  If obvious falsification reveals in conformity proofs, the Certification Body has the right to refuse registration of the present Declaration of Conformity.

Registered Declaration of conformity together with referable documents on which basis it has been issued, is stored by declarant not less than 3 years after the termination of validity of the declaration.

Copies of registered Declaration of conformity and accompanying forms are stored by Certification Body during the same term.

Declaration of conformity accepted in determinate order and registered by Certification Body has legal validity on a par with a certificate of conformity and entitles for marking products by sign of conformity.

Form of the sign of conformity, applied at production marking should correspond to the document confirming the conformity of this production to established requirements.  For the certificate of conformity – sign of conformity with a code of Certification Body by which the certificate was issued, for the Declaration of conformity – sign of conformity without a code of Certification Body by which the Declaration of conformity was registered.

Control over production, which correspondence was confirmed by the Declaration of conformity, is carried out by federal authorities. In case of revealing by them discrepancy, the declarant, within 3 days, is obliged to inform the Certification Body about the termination of the declaration.

«The product certification Agency» Ltd, being a representative of CC «Rostest» in the territory of Latvia and Europe, implements registration of Declaration of conformity and issues Certificates of conformity in System of certification GOST-R according to requirements of legislative and standard acts of the Russian Federation.

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