Dear Sirs!

We would like to inform you about launch of company INTERTEST in Europe, established and authorized to conduct business on behalf of Regional testing and certification body Rostest-Moscow in voluntary and obligatory certification in GOST R certification system of the products that are being exported to Russian Federation.

Qualified specialists with massive work experience in certification field have up-to-date base of standards and normative documentation of Russian Federation. It is being supported by massive analytical and testing base Rostest-Moscow in order to confirm product’s safety and quality.

INTERTEST’s operation is based on its Regional representatives and offices. It is executing certain definite actions associated with providing services including issue of certificate of conformity and its certified copies:

As an additional service we facilitate in receiving sanitary-higienical conclusions and carrying out necessary tests of product.

The direction of our activity is organizing direct contract relationships of companies-manufacturers and Rostest-Moscow in order to eradicate activities of unqualified middle-men, reduce expenditures and terms of works involved in certification process and consultation as well as for organizing valuable, mutually beneficial operation that facilitates entry of your production in Russian Market.